5 Best Cat Beds 2022 – 2023 & Buying Guide

5 Best Cat Beds 2022 – 2023

Not every cat needs only one bed. Everyone can have their perfect bed. Knowing what is best for your pet and the advice from your veterinarian are essential to choosing the right product. Our buying guide offers you a comprehensive selection of the best cat beds, in addition to expert tips and tricks so that your purchase of the bed is resoundingly successful.

You might not realize that a cat’s bed could protect your furniture from scratches. Did you know that cats prefer to rest in cover beds due to their hunting nature? A cat bed serves more than one purpose, so if you think that it only serves to sleep, you are lost.

5 Best Cat Beds

There are very versatile beds that can combine the advantages of two of the types that we have just presented to you, for example. Start by evaluating these 5 cat beds that are among the best.

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave – Pet Bed for Cats

This is the best-selling cat bed model on Amazon, and meets the main needs of every cat, which explains its success. It is a round, soft and cozy bed; by shape and composition of its materials.

Although it is especially suitable for winter, your cat will also use it in summer, if you place it in a cool space to your liking. The inner cushion is removable and machine washable which makes cleaning and maintenance very convenient and easy. It is suitable for pets under 5 kilograms.

TRIXIE Miguel Fold and Store Cat Hammock

This is one of the most original and practical hammock-type beds you will find. It is a model designed to hang from the radiators of the house so that cats take advantage of the heat to rest and fall asleep even better.

It is made from bamboo slats which makes it safe, light and warm: pleasant for your pet. Inside there is a fur cushion to provide maximum comfort to the cat. It is not a bed suitable for older or less agile cats, nor for sizes

Hut in Fur, 360 Degrees Covered Cat Bed Dome

If you are looking for a cave or den-type bed because your cat loves to be sheltered and hidden from prying eyes, you should value this model that buyers recommend for its good value for money.

The igloo design stands out for being simple, but very versatile, so it combines very well in any type of house regardless of style. The entrance door is small, but the interior is wide and spacious to welcome the pet and get its attention. It includes a zipper to facilitate assembly and disassembly for cleaning. It is made of resistant felt.

Cat Cage Hammock, Double Layer Soft Plush Hanging Pet Bed

This hammock bed is surprising for its price and simplicity, an interesting proposal for those looking for original beds for agile and young cats. It is made of quality fabric and easy to machine wash without any problem.

You can hang this hammock inside a cage, but also in many places in your home and in addition to a resting place, it will be your pet’s favorite space to play and observe.

It is sold in three sizes to respond to the different weights of pets and so that it can also be used by up to two cats. The manufacturer highlights the safety and durability of the hooks and straps used by the hammock. It presents a very comfortable and simple assembly form.

Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Cat Bed with Hooded Blanket

With a sack-type bed, cats enjoy warmth in winter and a soft place to rest in summer. This bag stands out for its double layer with an interior in shearling and an exterior in soft fabric with a beautiful design. The two parts are removable both to facilitate washing and to use them independently, depending on the temperature of the house.

This style of bed is light, easy to move, wash and even take on trips or when your cat has to sleep away from home. Users also recommend it for cats that have to nurse their kittens for its warmth, size and comfort. Sack beds are also used to share a bed with your pet, since they can be placed on the mattress without any problem.

Do all cats need a bed?

It is not that a bed is something as necessary as eating, it is not vital, but most feline experts agree in recommending them, even in cases where cats share armchairs, sofas or the mattress itself with their owners.

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A bed -or several- allows the cat to have its own space with its scent and its favorite toys, a place of reference in which to rest and to which to go to be safe. Keep in mind that cats, despite being active, sleep an average of 70 percent of the day and, in addition, have sleep cycles that do not match those of humans.

From a point of view of cleanliness and order in the home, cat beds have interesting advantages and functions that make domestic coexistence much simpler and easier for everyone:

They reduce the amount of cat hair around the house: they are concentrated in your bed. You save time cleaning the house that you can use to enjoy your pet.

The furniture in the house will not be scratched by the cat because it will prefer to play in its space. There are even special beds that act as scratchers.

Even if the cat shares the bed with its owner, having its own bed will give it more freedom to move around and won’t interrupt humans’ sleep with nightly walks, for example.

The conclusion and recommendation is that cats do need one or more beds, and it is also an accessory that brings benefits to both the cat and its owner.

Types of cat beds

There is a wide range of pet beds, most of the beds that are sold are valid for dogs and cats. We present the main models so that you can assess which will be the best for your cat according to their preferences, activity, age, size and breed. If you have doubts, remember to observe his daily activities and ask the veterinarian for personal and professional guidance.

Simple mattress type

This type of bed is the most basic and is sold interchangeably for dogs and cats. They are mats that offer insulation from the cold to the cat, but allow a lot of freedom. They are the most recommended for large or medium-sized pets.

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In the case of cats, the mattress-type bed is usually a second bed, to have on the sofa in the house, for example, but to protect it a little from hair and scratches. Its affordable price makes it perfect to try if your cat needs a bed or how it reacts to this type of supplement.

Sleeping bag type

The sleeping bag type bed is a highly demanded resource by cat owners, especially those with colds. It is simple, economical and very versatile because it can be used both in winter and in summer. When it is cold, the cat gets inside the bag, feeling protected and warm; in the heat, he uses it as if it were a mattress.

This type of feline bed is perfect for cats weighing less than seven kilos, you can find it in different colors and designs. It is light and easy to install, they are very easy to maintain, since most of them can be put in the washing machine.

If you are looking for a bed that you can put on yours and continue sharing nights with your pet, the sack-type bed is the most suitable for this use.

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Igloo bed

Excuse me donut beds, igloo beds are preferred by many cats. They are fashionable because many cat owners try and recommend them. In this case, the bed is completely covered and the cat only has a small hole through which to enter and exit.

There are many designs within this type, but they all coincide in being elegant and very current. There are warmer ones with plush fabrics and a leather mattress that you can take out to use independently as well. Others are lighter and some have a ball or other toys inside to attract the cat and not resist its use.

House and bed

Both indoors and outdoors you will find beds that are real houses for cats. Many cats love this type of house because they can take shelter, hide their treasures and, in addition to sleeping, they can play inside them.

There are many styles of house beds to accommodate different sizes of pets, budgets and tastes. There are many of these houses that are transportable and convertible which provides a lot of versatility. They are very practical.

Hammock bed

If you are looking for an original bed for your cat and you have an adventurous pet that loves heights, this may be the perfect bed. This type of bed can be hung on windows, ceilings or walls, depending on the model. There are with suction cups or with hooks for windows, for example.

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Hammock beds are designed for cats to sleep during the day taking advantage of the sun that enters through a window on whose glass you can hang this type of feline bed. As you might think, they are not suitable for older, very large or heavy cats.

Round bed with border

Donut or donut-shaped beds are the most popular, there are many varieties and designs, but in general they are beds with very good value for money and that most cats like, which explains why they are among the best sellers.

They are completely circular beds with a fluffy and soft edge that hugs cats, providing warmth and shelter. They are perfect for smaller cats, but also for adults. They are easy to clean because they can usually be thrown in the washing machine. There are some models that are removable, including an inner cushion.

Bottom Line

What bed is the best for your cat? Surely you have already thought of several that match your tastes and that meet your expectations. Remember to check the size and weight so that it is appropriate and make sure it is the type of bed that your cat will like.