Best Cat Breeds for Kids To Gift On Birthdays And Events

Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Cats along with dogs are the most popular pets. Children often wish to have a cat and insist on adding it to their gift and wish lists whenever the opportunity arises: for their birthdays, for special occasions. Therefore, adults should choose the best cat breeds for kids.

The breed of a cat is largely determined by its personality, habits, and preferences, in addition to its physical appearance. It is a good idea to preselect cats of the breeds that are most recommended for families with children.

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What characteristics make a cat the best pet for a child?


Choose a cat according to the space you can offer it and it should also be valued according to the age of the little ones. Adult and larger cats can be unappealing and even intimidating to younger children.

Long or short hair

Cats are also classified according to their fur: short, medium, or long. It is an important characteristic to value because it implies specific care, cleaning in the home, and extra expenses.


There are cats that are more likely to attract the attention of their owners and demand their attention, they prefer shared play to solitude. These types of feline characters are more sociable and, in general, will adapt better to family life and will be perfect when there are children.


Both for the economy and for reasons of solidarity and social work, it is more interesting to adopt a cat than to buy one. If you adopt a cat, the average price is less than 100 euros, the purchase can exceed 1,000 euros in the most select and less abundant breeds.

Living with other pets

The myth that dogs and cats cannot live together in the same home is not true, but if you already have other pets, both dogs and others, it is better to choose feline breeds that combine well with children and, if necessary, with other pets.


Puppies require more attention, care, and even a certain distance in the first weeks in a house. An adult cat, however, has a more forged personality and may be easier to predict.

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If the minors are already over 10 years old, it is very attractive to take care of, watch a cat grow up, and take care of from its first weeks of life.

5 best cat breeds to live with children


A white and elegant angora cat is the dream of many children who are not mistaken because this breed of feline is affable and docile. Although they have long hair, it is not one of the most difficult to care for, it does not get tangled easily or make balls like others, with a couple of brushings a week is usually enough.

They are the angora, loyal cats that live well in families with children and that will not be elusive to their games and attention. They like to keep an eye on their families from high points like bookshelves or furniture.

Maine Coon

A large cat is recommended for homes with enough space. He likes children and also other pets, he enjoys games, attention, and pampering from human beings. He is an active cat.

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Maine Coon cats are docile and easy to deal with, perhaps the most controversial point in deciding on this cat for a home is its coat: it is long and abundant, mute, and requires daily brushing. A quirk? He loves water, he has the most fun splashing around so it is easy to bathe him and keep him clean at home.


The Persian cat is calm, it has great patience, which is why it is ideal to live with the little ones as long as they are also calm children. It reminds of a cuddly toy which makes it an attractive cat for children and since it loves to be petted, there will be no problem.

The Persian cat corresponds to the care and pampering with docility and attention for which children feel attracted and rewarded. Be careful with the issue of allergies because the Persian cat is a long-haired pussycat that requires intense care. If you are not willing to have cat hair at home, better think of another type of feline.


This type of cat gets its name from its “rag doll” appearance, but also because it is tremendously receptive to caresses and cuddles, before which it allows itself to be softened and handled as if it were a rag doll. Accept pampering from friends and strangers so you won’t even have problems if you often receive visits from other children or adults at home.

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This breed is one of the long-haired breeds, so it also requires brushing, especially at times of shedding, and it is not suitable if there are allergy problems in the house. He is not an active cat, on the contrary, he prefers quiet, but he is intelligent so children can teach him tricks and games.


Siameses are not independent cats or with a taste for solitude. They prefer to attract the attention of those around them to capture their time and entertain themselves with them. Children get along well with a Siamese cat because they put up with their games and movements with infinite patience.

Families with children often have Siamese cats and note that they become a member of the family due to their affection and continuous presence. They enjoy and show attachment to their owners. They are cats with short and silky hair, but abundant, daily brushing is recommended to remove dead hair.

Bottom Line

Do you have a cat and does he get along especially well with your children? Leave your comment with the breed, its characteristics, and how it behaves with your family to help other people who want to put a cat in their lives.