Best Cat Costumes In 2022

Best cat costumes in 2022

Whether you want to go with your kitty to a café or you want to present it flirty and fluffy for special events, I’m sure you’ll love this review of the best cat costumes. These cute outfits will allow you to enjoy special moments with your pet that you will want to preserve in a photoshoot.

However, not everything is about choosing a luxurious and fashionable piece. Although these clothes can dress your cat in hundreds of original ways so that you can later display them on your Facebook wall, it is necessary that you take into account certain preventive measures as well as in terms of comfort, manufacturing quality, and dimensions, since all these factors will guarantee that he or she is also enjoying.

What is the best cat costume?

Thanks to my extensive experience as being a guardian of 2 kittens, I am going to present you with a list of basic tips so that you know exactly how to determine which of all would be the best costume for your cats.

For now, I will tell you that there are so many cute and funny models that you will surely become fond of creating a special wardrobe for your feline for every occasion.

However, it is always advisable to make a comparison between the various manufacturers, since each one has sizes that can differ from one another, whether it is a Medium size M, or a small S, which initially we could believe that they are standards.

Likewise, for the pieces to be considered the most suitable on the market, they must be resistant, have colorful details, not cover their little ears completely, and allow the feline to move at all times.

Here are the 5 best cat costumes in 2022

  1. NACOCO Cat Doctor Costume with Cape

The ideal look for carnival parties

If you like medical reasons, and you want to give your pet a special look for carnival, don’t think twice and give him this unique costume, since it will look like Dr. House himself; he brings a first aid kit, a smock with cool pockets, and a stethoscope. Its dimensions are 30.5 x 22.9 x 2.5 cm and it weighs 77.1 g, making it ideal for small pets. It is a good quality product.

  1. Peach cat nurse costume

Galenic cosplay in polyester

Moving away from the classic tutu outfit, this cute kitty outfit will give you the best look for photoshoots. Its light, soft and breathable finish will make your pet feel comfortable enough to show off with ease and sophistication. Therefore, if you like cosplay, don’t hesitate to dress up your pussy with this look for parties. Available in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL, and an excellent option to include in the trousseau.

  1. Shappy Pet Adjustable Bow Tie and Necktie Tripack

Good value for money

Thinking about the care of your pet, we present this attractive combo made of cotton; it consists of a bow tie and two pieces of the tie so that you can make it look as if it were in a suit. Its adaptation to the neck does not cause any damage, in addition, its adjustable closure provides maximum comfort. When it comes to pet clothing, it is one of the best options to consider. It is an affordable product.

  1. Idepet cat pirate costume

Corsair of the 7 seas

Do you like the saga of the pirates of the Caribbean? Well, you have the opportunity to dress up your cat like a sea corsair. The clothing has a hat and an iconic hook, so your little tiger will look like the scourge of the 7 seas. It is made of polyester which gives it ergonomics and softness. In addition to cushions, they will look original, you will see how the furry little one will be the comfort of your friends.

  1. Santa suit for e-dealing cats

Softness, quality, and tradition

Winter will soon arrive and the Christmas festivities will not wait; therefore give your kitty the unmistakable and traditional clothing of Santa rather than one of the Lion King. In addition, you know that on these dates the cold is getting worse and nothing better than the shelter provided by these beautiful clothes. Its soft fabric, its elasticity, fluffiness, and warmth will delight your little friend. It is the least expensive product on the list, but the best material is guaranteed.

6 Hooded Plush Suit Dinosaur Costume for Cats

Plush Outfit Hooded Dinosaur Costume

This beautiful all-in-one set is perfect for any event you have at home and that you want your cat to be a part of. The dinosaur pet costume is made of soft plush material. The outfit serves as a great winter coat for pets who feel the cold and has slightly elasticated cuffs on the legs and neck to help keep it in place. The hood can be worn or not and has specially designed slots for your pet’s ears. One-piece design with a hood that can be worn or not and available in sizes x-small to x-large to fit neck size 7″ to 12″ and chest circumference 11″ to 19″.

7 Mogoko Cute Shark Cat Costume

Adorable blue shark hoodie, pet costume for cats

Make your pet the center of attention in this stylish adorable blue shark pet costume. Made from a microfiber interior and velvet exterior, your pet will be comfortable and stylish all day. The one-piece suit has a hood that can be worn or not and lights elastic at the holes for her front legs. The hind legs are kept free, ensuring that natural movement is not compromised. The soft microfiber interior ensures comfort and means your pet won’t get overheated while wearing their costume.

8 Namsan Cat Sailor Costume

Cat Costume Sailor Hat Navy Tie

The peacock costume is perfect for cats who aren’t too keen on full-body costumes. It comes with a collar and hat, which fastens with an elastic strap under your pet’s chin. The suit is lightweight and easy to adjust and does not interfere with your cat’s normal daily activities. Elastic strap holds hat in place. The hat measures 11.02″ and the collar measures 11.02″ with a 1.57″ adjustment.

9 NOCOCO Halloween cat doctor costume

The super cute Cat Doctor Halloween Costume is a lightweight one-piece suit that fits over your cat’s front legs and upper body. It is made of comfortable polyester and leaves its hind legs free to ensure natural movement. It’s the best option for dogs and cats. Fits chest measurements of 14.2″ to 20.9″ and neck sizes 9.4″ to 14.2″.

10 Pet Policeman costumes for cats

This cute NACOCO costume comes with three separate pieces: hat, tie, and body piece. Your cat’s body piece is designed to fit over its front legs, around the neck, and around the torso. This allows the back legs to remain free to allow for natural movement. Velcro fasteners are used on the suit collar and the tie closures. The bodysuit fits over the front legs and across the torso. Alternatively, the hat can be omitted if desired.

Buying guide for cat costumes

When buying pet clothes, either for a special celebration or simply because you want to take an original set of photos, it is not a matter that can be complicated, in fact, it is something super fun. However, there are certain essential tips that I will share with you so that you take into account them before you add this type of product to your shopping cart.


Regardless of whether you have the latest fashion collection or a couple of carnival costumes ready for your furry, if it is a tight wardrobe: forget it! Neither of them will be able to enjoy the experience of making a good cosplay. No matter how elegant it may be because if the piece is too tight, it will restrict their movements, hinder their senses and cause them great despair and desire to take it off or remain immobile and uncomfortable.

Likewise, if it is an outfit that is too large, it could get entangled between its legs, causing tripping and other consequences. Therefore, the size really is cardinal.


Your feline is not a super cat, and even if it were, you should know that it will be absurd for it to wear an extremely heavy costume. Remember, the idea is not that your feline friend becomes a stone statue, but that he can enjoy with you, both must feel comfortable.


As with your little ones, the furry cats depend completely on your choices, to provide them with the best of the best in terms of nutrition, health, and fun products.

Therefore, in the case of costume suits, you should always make sure that their manufacture does not contain harmful chemicals. Also, make sure that the piece does not break easily, and that it does not contain small pieces that can be ingested by the cat, since it would be a choking hazard.

They should also not restrict blood flow, and should not be adorned with pointed objects as they could cause injury.

Bottom Line

As you can see best cat costumes review from our list of experts, there really is a type of costume for every cat, regardless of your preferences and the theme of the party or activity you’re hosting. All of these costumes are likely to be the talk of the event and will help your pet win prizes in any of the cat costumes.