5 Best Dog Beds for Every Dog

Best Dog Beds for Every Dog

Dogs need a good bed, and good quality dog food is also a basic need. If the bed is suitable, they may feel relaxed and at ease. It is your responsibility to select the most appropriate and comfortable bed for your dog, they cannot do this for themselves.

Difference between basic beds and mattresses

Basic beds or mattresses are the simplest options you can opt for. It is a mattress or mat for dogs in a rectangular or circular shape, without any other adornment, borders, or special design.

In the market, you can find a wide catalog of varieties and sizes and choose the one that best suits the dimensions of your dog.

Mattresses are the ones most often used to cover the base of travel carriers and crates, to make the dog as comfortable as possible.

Best Dog Beds for Every Dog Breed

Choosing the right bed for a dog is not very complicated if you know what features to take into account. To help you with this essential task, in this article we have compiled all the information you need, as well as investigating which are the best dog beds in 2022. If you want to discover more things, do not hesitate to continue reading.

1-Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs

A very good example is the high-quality foam bed from Furhaven. It is an orthopedic mat bed for dogs with a multitude of functions and beneficial characteristics for the correct rest of your pet.

The high-density foam is 8cm thick and helps relieve joint pain as well as soothe sore muscles by evenly distributing your dog’s weight. Thanks to its irregular surface, laid out in the shape of an egg crate, it makes the bed much softer and allows air to circulate, which is especially necessary during the hot months.

Smart design with removable cover, allowing easy removal for routine cleaning. The “L” shaped zipper greatly speeds up the cleaning task, making cleaning your dog’s bed more comfortable and easier.

The cover material is imitation linen, treated to repel dirt and not absorb liquids from your dogs, such as urine, vomit, or drool.

The base contains rubber dots, which have a non-slip function, to prevent the bed from moving from one side to the other with each movement of the dog. Ideal to guarantee the stability of the bed on any type of floor.

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Minimalist design, with a beige surface and gray edges, is designed to match the decoration of any room.

This mat is ideal for versatile uses. You can use this mattress for either travel boxes or raised bed supports. However, the most common way to use it is directly on the ground, since its quality is enough to use it without any other complement.

Resistant: materials created to withstand the bites of the most unruly dogs.

Waterproof: Perfect for both winter and summer. In winter, you can use the padded part to keep your dog warm, while in summer you can turn it inside out and allow it to sleep cool and comfortable.

Lightweight: to facilitate its transport during trips.

Versatile use: You can use the mattresses for any type of support for both beds and doghouses.

Easy to clean: The cover is machine washable, but the padding is best cleaned separately.

2-Amazon Basics Dog Cot

Cradle for small breed dogs. A soft and cozy space so that your dog can rest comfortably. The slightly raised edges will allow your dog to rest his head comfortably, offering him the ideal support for optimum rest.

The construction materials are flannel, which provides great softness and warmth, while the edges, base, and padding are made of polyester, for greater strength and durability of the bed.

There are two models to choose from, one round and one hexagonal. Both are uniquely designed for small dogs:

Both beds are very light, allowing you to transport them easily. You can place it in any space (as long as it is feasible). In addition, it is perfect to place it as a base in a cage or carrier if you have to travel.

The design finished in cream and brown colors provides a touch of subtle elegance, compatible with any type of decoration.

  • Good value for money
  • Anti-bite resistance
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Use a neutral soap and avoid softeners
  • Don’t use a dryer, and use it after completely drying in the air
  • A removable cushion allows easier and more comfortable cleaning

3-Feandrea – sofa for dogs

Feandrea offers a wide variety of sofas & beds for dogs, generally plush, although they also have models for the summer. In this case, we have a sofa-bed made of suede, ideal for keeping your pet warm during the harsh winter days. Thick and padded mattress for greater comfort of your pet.

The filling is PP cotton, a hypoallergenic natural material, perfect even for dogs with skin sensitivity and allergies. It is not waterproof therefore it needs thorough cleaning but its superior quality doesn’t get damaged it.

However, for a longer duration (although not so much hygiene), the manufacturer recommends brushing it with a hairbrush and a damp cloth. To facilitate this task the mattress is removable.

At the base it has non-slip buttons, to offer greater stability and prevent the bed from moving every time the dog enters or leaves it. Hidden seams for durability and resistance to your dog’s bites. It is also resistant to tearing and friction.

  • It is breathable, to allow proper air ventilation
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Wash it by hand to avoid wearing out the mattress filling

4-Furhaven Orthopedic, Cooling Gel, and Memory Foam dog Beds

Furhaven orthopedic beds are our favorite when it comes to quality dog bedding. The padding is composed of 100% viscoelastic memory foam. The brown plush cover and easy maintenance.

The cover is removable and can be machine washed. In addition, inside it has a lining that makes it waterproof, to protect the mattress from possible spills from your dog. This model has a raised edge, which serves as a pillow so you can rest your head.

  • When it comes to cleaning, it is easier to remove large hairs than short ones.
  • The cover can be washed weekly
  • The manufacturer offers separate covers to replace
  • Eco friendly & hygiene
  • Affordable & long-lasting quality

5-Igloo Covered Dog Beds

Igloo beds are one of our flagship products when it comes to quality dog beds. It has a double use, allowing it to be used as an igloo bed, or as a trundle bed in summer. This bed is made of ultra-soft polyethylene foam and covered with high-quality fabric. Includes a very fluffy cushion. Soft and warm, ideal for summer days.

Easy maintenance. This shed includes a zipper that makes it easy to wash the interior.

It is very light and comfortable to transport, making it the ideal bed to take on a trip and allow your dog to feel at home. It comes in two sizes such as small beds 35x30x28 and medium beds 45x35x35.

The cover can be washed weekly, although it is advisable to cover the bed with a blanket, making the cleaning process even easier. Although it is a nice bed, the dimensions that they present are usually especially for small dog breeds.

Buying Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog beds for?

Dog beds are soft and cozy object, which is mainly used to give shelter to pets while they sleep. Although they are mainly used to rest at night, in the case of dogs, the beds are also used throughout the day, for their innumerable naps.

Does my dog need a bed, if he already sleeps with me?

Many dogs prefer to sleep with their owners than to be secluded in a corner of the house. The warmth you provide them, plus the security they feel being with you, drive them to climb into your bed when bedtime approaches.

Sleeping together is not bad for either of you, but there are times when your dog should be in his bed. Therefore, if you roll over in bed, it is very likely that you will disturb your dog. Bothering you at the same time too. In this way, your restful sleep will be constantly interrupted and neither of you will sleep properly.

So now you know, don’t let your dog sleep with you and provide him with his bed, suitable for his needs.

Why are dog beds important?

Whether it is to take a nap or to sleep at night, your dog will first resort to his bed (if it is of quality). That is where he will spend much of his life, as dogs can sleep up to 80% of the day.

However, good sleep is not only based on the number of hours slept, but also on its quality. According to studies, during the hours of sleep is when the dogs fix the experiences lived, including what they learned during training.

Dogs need to have their own space, where they can feel comfortable, safe, and protected. A place where they can go to rest whenever they need it without being disturbed by anyone.

The sense of belonging is an important psychological advantage for dogs that have their bed. The key to a restful sleep lies largely in a quality bed. A rested and the pain-free dog will be a happy and energetic dog, who will be more attentive during training sessions.

As you can see, there are many arguments that you must take into account when deciding to buy special beds for your dogs. Buying a quality bed for your dog is not a matter of luxury, but a necessity.

How to choose the best bed for your dog?

In the market, there are many options to choose from, with different shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, however, there are a few characteristics that you should take into account before buying a bed based simply on design.


The size of the bed should be according to the size of your dog although it seems obvious, many owners do not know how to choose a bed with a size proportional to the dimensions of their pets.

A small bed will cause a feeling of discomfort in the dog, as well as muscle and joint pain due to resting in inadequate postures. On the other hand, a bed that is larger than necessary will not fulfill its function of covering and protecting your dog, being unable to offer the warmth that dogs demand.


A very important element that you should look at in beds is the materials with which they are made. Check that they meet some of the following characteristics before purchasing one:

  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • High resistance
  • Non-slip on the base
  • Sheath material

The dog bed cover is a very important element when deciding to buy a bed. It is an outstanding component both for its design, which may or may not be in harmony with the furniture in your home and for its maintenance characteristics.

You should put other aspects before aesthetics, such as the ability of the material to repel your dog’s hair or drool, as this ensures faster, more comfortable, and easier cleaning, as well as a more hygienic environment for both your health and that of your dog.

Some materials with which dog beds are usually upholstered are:

  • Flannel
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Sanity

Filling materials

The material with which your dog’s bed is filled is usually the most important part that differentiates a quality bed from a less graceful one. Generally, small breed dogs tend to adapt better to any type of bed, given their lower body weight.

However, in the case of large dogs, it is better to choose a quality and denser padding that supports their weight and adapts to the shape of their body.

Mattress thickness

Pay special attention to the thickness of the filling. Look for a mattress that doesn’t allow your dog to sink through the padding, let alone to the ground.

It is important that in the case of very fluffy and fluffy fillings, they are not too thick, since your dog will sink and will not be comfortable.

Look for a mattress whose height suits your dog’s needs. In the case of dogs with reduced mobility, it is better to opt for a mattress with a medium height, to avoid making it as easy as possible for them to get in and out of bed.


The resistance of the bed is essential, especially in the case of the most unruly and anxious dogs. In these cases, you should choose thick fabrics that tolerate dog bites and claws well.

The shape of the bed

The shape of the bed is another feature that you can decide once you know how your dog sleeps.

Beds with higher edges are best suited for small dogs, or for those who prefer to sleep curled up. They are also ideal for dogs that move around a lot (such as puppies) or for those dogs that need to rest their heads on a higher surface, such as a pillow.

Beds without borders are designed for dogs that sleep stretched out or for those with some difficulty moving, so they can get in and out without tripping, especially after many hours of sleep, when their muscles are more nub.

Location of your dog’s bed

As you know, there are beds for both indoors and outdoors. Depending on where you want your dog to sleep, you must choose the ideal bed for each place.

Time of the year

The time of year is another factor to take into account when deciding to buy a bed for your dog.

In winter, dogs tend to sleep more hours than usual. For this reason, you should opt for a padded bed with materials such as plush, which protects and isolates your dog from the cold that filters through the floor.

In summer, the heat can become suffocating and even disturb sleep. To solve this, you can buy a cotton, sanity, or polyester cover for the mattress of your pet’s bed, since they are cooler materials.


Having a padded, soft, and cozy bed for your particular use and enjoyment will make your dog not want to invade your bed or sofa, as well as allow it to have the necessary rest for good health and a better quality of life.

Easy to clean

Hygiene is essential for a healthy life for both your dog and you. Although you bathe your dog regularly, the correct thing is that you also clean his bed frequently.

Along all these, it is better that you also consider dog age, health, waterproof, odor & stain-resistance qualities in the bed before you take it home.

Bottom Line

Dog beds are very important to offer optimal and complete rest, especially considering that dogs spend about 13 hours a day sleeping. They are even more so for young and senior dogs, which can sometimes reach 20 hours of sleep a day. But apart from the bed, the support is also an essential element of a quality bed.

Before selecting a bed for your dog, you should study its habits. You must take into account if your dog is one of those who like to get dirty or, on the contrary, avoids puddles whenever he can; if he is cold, or loves to lie on the bathroom tiles. Do not forget to take into consideration the special needs regarding the health of your dog, if he has mobility problems or if he has any particular needs.