Best Dog Seat Belt

Best Dog Seat Belt 12

Best Dog Seat Belt

Our pets are one of the family and we treat them as such. So we have to take care of their safety as we would for ourselves. In the car they revolutionize and want to go from one place to another. To avoid suffocating them in the trunk of a car or in a carrier, we can ensure that our safety and yours will not be in danger if we have an accident.

For that, it is convenient to use the best dog seat belt. The safety harness makes sure you & your pet stay seated in the vehicle and prevents serious injury in an accident. Although we must find the dog car seat belt that suits our circumstances and those of our dog. There are many models to choose from, so we have prepared a guide to show you the best on the market.

In this guide you’ll find why a dog belt is mandatory, and after top 5 recommendations we also added what to consider before buying – tips you may be looking for.

Why is it mandatory to wear a belt for your pet?

Its use is not mandatory. But be careful, because it is mandatory that there is no interference with the driver. So it is essential to have the animal secured in some way, although not necessarily with the belt. However, this is the most optimal and the most recommended for your comfort and safety.

5 Best Dog Seat Belts

5 Best Dog Seat Belts

Slow-Ton Dog Vest Harness & Car Seatbelt Set

If you travel everywhere with your family and would like to start taking your dog with you, then you can’t miss a pet travel accessory like the Slow-Ton Dog Harness and Belt. This set gives your dog all the security he needs to travel in the back seat or in the trunk of your vehicle.

The harness is made of breathable mesh fabric to evaporate all the heat and sweat that the dog may have during the journey. In addition, it has 4 adjustable elastic nylon straps incorporated. This is ideal because the harness has to fit your dog well against his body, but without tightening it, so that it does not fly away in the event of a collision.

The belt that is attached to the car is also made of nylon and is elastic, to shorten it to a height that prevents the dog from moving around the car a lot and bothering the driver. The best thing about this harness is that once out of the car, your dog can still use it since you can hook his walking leash onto his D-ring.


  • Easy open and close buckle
  • Elastic and adjustable straps
  • Breathable fabric
  1. Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

If your dog already has a good quality and resistant harness and you want to take it with you in the car wherever you go, it will be very useful for you to buy the Vastar Dog Safety Belt Pack. This pack includes two seat belts to attach to the back seat of your vehicle and its length is adjustable.

The fact that its length is adjustable, between 55 and 75 cm, is quite beneficial because this means that it can be used by any dog, regardless of its size or breed. In addition, being able to adjust it is also ideal because you will be able to put your dog at a suitable distance so that it does not reach the front seats and distract the driver.

This belt is also elastic, so your dog will be very comfortable because it will have freedom of movement, that is, it will be able to go in the position that it likes the most sitting, sleeping, etc. In addition, note that the elastic of this belt also acts as a shock absorber to retain the force of sudden braking and protects your dog.


  • Valid for all breeds of dogs
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • With reflective threads in its seams
  1. Kurgo Car Safety Harness & seat belt for Dogs

The Kurgo Dog Belt is a safety accessory for dogs that travel in the back seat of their owner’s car. Its buckle is inserted directly into the slot of the car’s seat belt and this model also comes with a harness.

We love the carabiner that comes with this seat belt for dogs because it can be rotated 360°, which will give your dog complete freedom of movement in the seat and prevent it from getting entangled in the belt itself.

We also like this product a lot because you can always leave it attached to the car, you don’t have to take it off and put it on every time you get in or out of the car, which is appreciated.

Also say that this model has a universal size and fit, that is, you can shorten or lengthen its length which is great because it can be adapted to all dogs, regardless of their size or breed.


  • Hook with carabiner
  • This carabineer has a 360° swivel
  • Decent price
  1. Iokheira Dog seatbelt harness with hook & buckle

The Iokheira Dog Belt is a seatbelt that is somewhat different from what we are used to seeing on the market. We can consider that it fulfills three functions, since it has two different types of closure, clip and bar, which allows you to hook your dog in the classic slot of the car belt, in the rear hook of the front seat and in the bar of the child safety seat.

This belt is very resistant and we like it very much because its length can be adjusted to any size and breed of dog, although it must be taken into account that it cannot weigh more than 80 kilos. This product also stands out because it has a very good cushioning system thanks to the fact that it is made up of triple elastic.

Its carabineer is also much stronger and more robust than other competitive models since it is made of lightweight zinc alloy material. It can also be rotated 360°, so your pet can move freely around the back seat without distracting you and in total comfort.


  • 3 in 1 multifunctional belt
  • Belt with a lot of elasticity
  • More robust and resistant body carabiner
  1. SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

The SlowTon Safety Harness is the perfect accessory if you love taking your dog with you in the car every time you go out. This model includes both the safety harness that is attached to your pet’s body and the seat belt that you must place in the rear seat belt slot.

We find this harness very useful and practical because you can continue using it once you get out of the car, and on your day-to-day walks, since you can hook the walking leash to it. It is made of a double mesh fabric material and is breathable, that is, it is capable of regulating the internal heat for your dog to cool it down.

As for his belt, it should be noted that it is made of nylon fabric, a material that is very resistant and flexible and that is capable of absorbing the force of blows very well, although it is true that we believe that it lacks a little more elasticity for a better cushioning and for the dog to have more freedom of movement.

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  • Includes two metal D rings
  • Adjustable strap
  • The harness can be used for daily

What to consider before buying a dog car seat belt?

What To Consider Before Buying A Dog Car Seat BeltNot all dogs require the same characteristics. That is why you need to look at different models and determine which have decent features that will be good one for your dog.

Security: The most important aspect of all is to make sure that it will protect your pet in the event of an accident. In this case, you should pay attention to whether they have passed the collision test, a test that certifies if it is totally safe in the event of an accident.

Adjustable: It is essential that both the leash and the harness can be adapted to the size of our dog. In the case of the strap, it must be able to stretch more or less depending on the volume of the animal.

When it comes to the harness, it should be adjustable in order to prevent the dog from feeling uncomfortable.

Easy to place: The biggest inconvenience when it comes to putting a safety harness on your dog is the difficulty of putting it on, because they move and sometimes they don’t want to wear it.

So it is very wise to buy one that can be easily put on. Some only require putting a hitch, which is easier if it is for a more nervous animal.

Materials: One last relevant point is what it is made of, that gives us clues about its safety and comfort. Like our belts, the straps must be made of nylon, as it is the safest and most resistant material for these cases.

Another thing is the material that the harness carries, which will go on the body of our pet. This will depend on the needs of the animal, in any case it is recommended that it be made of a breathable material.

Final Verdict

With the safety harness & car seatbelts for dogs, your pet will have more freedom of movement, being able to look out the window or play with the children in the back seat. And more, they won’t be able to move beyond the seat where it is placed. We know, unfortunately, if you collide with someone on impact, the best dog seat belts reduce the chances of injuries in an accident, both for the animal and the occupants.