Can Cats Drink Milk? Felines Can Have Allergies To Lactose!!

can cats drink milk

Cats can drink milk, you think. While it might be tempting to see a cute kitten drinking milk with pleasure, in reality, most kittens are lactose intolerant.

Now let’s talk about can cats drink milk; And what precautions you should take to make sure they receive milk, such as using a cat bottle or cat formula.

Can cats drink milk?

It is essential that, in their first 3 weeks of life, kittens feed on their mother’s milk. But as they grow older, their digestive system changes, and as a consequence, their nutritional needs. Some, in fact, become intolerant to milk and it can make them sick, causing diarrhea and even vomiting.

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However, if your feline continues to drink milk frequently after weaning, it may not hurt him to drink it as an adult. But in no case is it recommended that their diet depends solely on it since they need other nutrients for their development and physical health.

Can cats drink almond milk?

Though breast milk serves as a key nutrient for the infant; you can give them almond milk to prepare the body for adulthood and strengthen the immune system.

But in the case of one or more orphaned kittens, can cats drink almond milk? Yes, you can give them formula almond milk to fulfill their nutritional needs however cow’s milk is not good for them due to its high concentration of lactose.

Formula milk has a high level of proteins and essential vitamins for their growth. For your convenience, you can give them milk using the bottle.

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Can cats drink oat milk?

Yes, cats can drink oat milk in small quantities into 4 daily intakes with a frequency of 3 to 4 hours. The amount of oat milk formula for cats should vary according to the weight of the kitten. Make sure milk should be lukewarm.

Can cats drink cow milk?

If your pet cat is an adult and you want to give it milk, you should find out can cats drink cow milk? According to vets, we can give them cow milk. But its suitability may vary to every feline. It is necessary that you first do some tests with small amounts of cow milk for adult cats.

Remember what I said before, that some felines in adulthood can have allergies to lactose. Or worse, it can cause severe damage to their digestion, which can be reflected in vomiting or diarrhea. For this reason and because it will not obtain the necessary nutrients, it is best not to base your cat’s diet on milk.

Can cats drink chocolate milk?

There is a popular belief that cats love milk & chocolate. They can be seen enjoying a bowl with no more worries in life. But this food may not be as beneficial for your pet especially chocolate is forbidden for cats. so the answer of can cats drink chocolate milk is plain NO.

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Can cats drink coconut milk?

It works similarly in humans. Just as there are people who cannot digest the coco milk, animals can also be intolerant. In the case of pets, the milk, not being processed, is fermented in the intestine of the animal causing discomfort. Thus, a cat that drinks coconut milk can suffer from stomach problems, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Bottom Line

While many people may think that milk is necessary for cats to get calcium; they often asked to me “can cats drink milk”? Vets explain that this is not the case. Cats are carnivorous and they get all nutrients of their need from meat. 

The requirements of this mineral also depend on the size and weight of your pet. Adults need less than puppies or pregnant cats. Although meat has a percentage of calcium, there are supplements that can be indicated by doctors specialized in animal nutrition.