Can Cats Eat Potatoes? What If Cat Eat Raw Potatoes?

Can cats eat potatoes

Throughout history, humans have consumed potatoes for their flavor and nutritional value, making them one of the most common foods around the world. However, can cats eat potatoes? Know all recommendations by Pets Guide Lines.

Yes! they can eat them, but only in moderation, and always steam, parboil, or bake them for a few minutes with very little seasoning.

Potatoes provide our cats with essential carbohydrates and fiber that are good for their digestive systems. Additionally, selenium and potassium are powerful minerals and vitamins that protect their neuronal system.

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Can cats eat sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes do not become toxic or poisonous when cooked, so we can serve them to our kittens. Although sweet potatoes are not generally considered toxic to cats, they may have some long-term negative effects.

A small piece of sweet potato can be helpful for a cat with constipation. However, offering it in large amounts can result in vomiting and diarrhea.

Sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates which can cause them to gain weight.

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Can cats eat mashed potatoes?

Plain boiled and mashed potatoes are great occasional snacks for your cat. Boiled potatoes are NOT toxic; Boiling breaks down the starch grains to make them moderately digestible.

Can cats eat raw potatoes?

The raw potatoes are indigestible for our feline friends. When raw potatoes are cooked, their bitter substance, Solanine, is completely removed, and these potatoes are safe for cats to eat.

Here are the signs to watch out for when a cat is poisoned by raw potatoes:

Heart rhythm disorder



Difficulty breathing


Excessive salivation

Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

Cooked potatoes won’t harm them as long as they consume in moderation, since being fried, they contain a high level of fats that in large quantities can be harmful to the health of the feline.

Another aspect to consider is that the potatoes cannot be very salty or seasoned with other species such as pepper.

Cooked potatoes are contraindicated only in diabetic cats as they cause an increase in blood glucose and in cats that must follow a strict diet due to a specific health condition.

How to protect a cat from obesity due to rice?

As we have already said, cats can eat cooked rice and become obese. Therefore, it can be a condition that results from overeating and lack of physical exercise.

In this case, to avoid feline obesity, it is best to always reserve a moment of the day to play with your kitten. Move and spend energy. Cats are calmer than dogs, they must be encouraged to avoid health problems, especially with old age.

Suffice it to say that it is a mistake to think that your cat can eat rice, but change your pet’s habits.

Bottom Line

As we know, the main diet of a cat must be based on products of animal origin such as chicken, meat, turkey, or fish, for this reason, the majority of the feed is made with these ingredients. However, potatoes and beets help in the cat’s normal intestinal transit.