Can Cats Eat Watermelon? Is It A Good Summer Treat?

Can Cats Eat watermelon

Summer, you know, puts pressure not only on our stamina due to the heat but also puts pressure on our little feline friends. Watermelon is the thirst-quenching summer fruit for the body when it gets too hot. But can our cat eat it? Yes, but with due precautions.

The cat is a carnivorous animal. Its diet consists of 90% meat and fruit is not at all among the foods it consumes in the wild. But Watermelon is moisturizing and the cat, a desert animal, feels the benefits.

Is watermelon safe for our cats?

Eating watermelon can be a very pleasant moment for cats. He too feels the need to cool off when temperatures are high and fruit can help.


You should cut the small pieces well to give them as a snack, but don’t overdo it. By eating large portions of watermelon they could also have digestive problems!

Also, pay attention to the sugars that watermelon contains. The digestive system of cats does not eliminate sugar like our body.

Can cats eat watermelon rind?

Cats have extremely sensitive digestive systems. If you give them watermelon with rind (skin layers), they won’t able to digest them and it will lead them gastrointestinal problems or serious health issues including diarrhea, vomiting, bloating. Therefore it’s better to give watermelon to your feline without rind and in small pieces.

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Can cats eat watermelon seeds?

Before feeding the cat the watermelon, it is good to clean it of the seeds that we find inside. If the cat ingests them, seeds can be very dangerous for their health. In fact, the seeds contain small traces of cyanide. Although it is in trace amounts, the cat’s digestive system cannot get rid of it.

Useful Tips

  • If your cat is diabetic, absolutely avoid it 
  • Give small pieces of watermelon as a snack and never as a substitute for a full meal
  • Should remove seeds and skin layers and give in mini portions
  • Consult with a veterinarian if your feline cat is allergic to fruits