Can Dogs Eat Cheese? What Kind Of Cheese Can Dogs Eat?

Can dogs eat cheese

Dogs love cheese mostly because it smells and tastes great, and many of us use fresh cheese to treat or as a medication for them.

But can dogs eat cheese? Is it recommended food for dogs? The answer to this question isn’t easy; however, at a general level, it can be said that it is a healthy and nutritious food, albeit in small amounts.

Can dogs eat cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a processed dairy product that contains lactose and sugar present in milk. To digest it, dogs need to have an enzyme called lactase. In the lactating phase, dogs possess this hormone, but lose it when lactation is over; this means that dogs will not be able to digest cottage cheese easily.

Can dogs eat cream cheese?

No, cream cheese has a greater extent of lactose. In humans, lactose is digested without any problems, but dogs cannot. Lactose is formed by uniting a molecule of glucose and another of galactose.

Dogs often become intoxicated by eating cream cheese if they are lactose intolerant.

Nevertheless, some dogs can tolerate a small amount of lactose and can eat cheese without any problems.

Can dogs eat mozzarella cheese?

Milk causes dogs to feel ill, but mozzarella cheese makes them feel fine since it does not contain as much lactose as milk.

Mozzarella cheese, in particular, comes in a variety of varieties, each with a varying percentage of lactose, which is why tolerance levels vary.

Can dogs eat string cheese?

String cheese is forbidden for dogs, it can lead your friend to health issues. Unfortunately, if your furry friend ate string cheese, you may notice gastrointestinal problems, even if they got in a small quantity. More, you should approach to vet for better treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cheese can dogs eat?

The best cheeses for dogs are mozzarella due to its low milk content, cheddar because of its great flavor, and cottage cheese because its creamy texture makes it ideal for blending with other foods. The consumption of this can lead to obesity and other problems if it is excessive, just like with us.

Can dogs eat American cheese?

In case our dog doesn’t suffer from lactose intolerance, we can treat him to American cheese as a reward or nutritional supplement, but never as his sole diet or source of protein. It is considered the best cheese for dogs because it contains the least amount of lactose.

Can dogs eat cheese sticks?

Yes, we can give them cheese sticks in small portions. During the curing process of cheese sticks, lactose is completely converted to lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria. Therefore, its lactose content is minimal.

Can dogs eat cheese pizza?

It is recommended but if you give your dog a small portion of cheese and you notice any discomfort, it is very likely that he is intolerant to lactose.

Can dogs eat eggs with cheese?

As not all cheeses contain the same amount of lactose, combining with egg can make our dog feel bad due to its high caloric value. Dogs’ metabolism has some limitations therefore, the dogs might not be able to digest them better.

Bottom Line

Carnivorous animals such as dogs need protein from animal sources, mostly meat, and fish. Aside from being a good source of protein, cheese also contains vitamins, calcium, and phosphorous; because of this, dogs with non-intolerant food intolerances can eat cheese. However, cheese should not be added to a regular diet.