Can Dogs Eat Garlic? Does It Benefit The Same Way As Humans?

Can dogs eat garlic

Dog food must contain the necessary nutrients to ensure good health. But, the quality of the daily feed is not the only thing we must take into account to guarantee their well-being.

The intense flavor and aroma of garlic are two of its main characteristics. We all know the benefits of garlic in humans but often a question arises “can dog eat garlic”. Yes! Our dogs can also take benefit from garlic; it has:

  • Vitamin C
  • Iodine
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin B6

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The truth is that if the therapeutic effects attributed to garlic are analyzed, the vast majority are related to Allicin, a compound that is released when the garlic bulb is crushed or cut and has proven antibiotic properties.

In the case of dogs, garlic and Allicin have the following beneficial properties:

– Antifungal

– Antibiotic

– Anti-parasitic

Garlic is also often claimed to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, but there is no scientific proof that these benefits are real.  But since we are talking about raw garlic, a problem arises, it is not very palatable for dogs: they do not usually like its strong flavor and that is why it is often difficult to offer garlic to a dog. let’s learn more about can dogs eat garlic.

Can dogs eat garlic bread?

Many times, when I’m taking breakfast my canine friend hover around and ask for some bread treat; and I wonder can dogs eat garlic bread? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat garlic bread in small quantities. It’ll not cause allergies or stomach problems. Keep in mind that although feeding your dog bread from time to time is not a problem, we should not ignore the fact that dogs need a complete and balanced diet, and bread is not part of it.

Can dogs eat garlic powder?

Can dogs eat garlic powder? Yes, they can eat garlic powder but in a quite small amount. Unfortunately, if your dog ingests garlic powder in abundant quantities, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian to induce vomiting in the following three hours at the most.

Is garlic bad for dogs?

People ask ore often, is garlic bad for dogs or can dogs eat garlic? The belief has been spread that garlic, like chocolate, is highly toxic to dogs. The Allicin in garlic, as we mentioned before, acts inside the dog’s body as a bactericidal and anti-parasitic agent.

The problem is that it also destroys the intestinal flora, necessary for proper digestion, as well as red blood cells that can cause anemia.  But, again, for this to happen the dog has to ingest a considerable amount.

Can dogs eat garlic salt?

Garlic salt should not be fed to dogs. A component of garlic salt is dehydrated garlic powder, which is harmful to dogs.

Bottom Line

Poor nutrition can trigger different and serious diseases. In fact, some people decide to add homemade food, however many guardians are curious to know can dogs eat garlic? No, not every food is suitable since some, such as garlic, can cause poisoning. If they ingest a tin of garlic or a considerable amount it may cause them serious illness leads to anemia.

The best treatment is prevention. Therefore, avoid giving the dog food that contains garlic, either raw or cooked. In addition, it is also advisable to be careful with other products or condiments that contain garlic as an ingredient.