Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

Can Rabbits Eat Apples

Beginning rabbit breeders often have a question about feeding animals. The apple is a common fruit, however, rabbits have a “capricious” digestive system, which can show negative consequences after the introduction of a new product. Let’s figure out can rabbits eat apples?

Indeed, in wild rabbits, this product is practically absent. It is important to understand here that fruits such as apples or pears should only be given to rabbits as treats.

If you gave apples for the first time, be sure to follow the reaction of the body. It is recommended to introduce any product gradually. Rabbits begin to feed such yummy in small portions, gradually increasing it.

Are apples good for rabbits?

Animals like rabbits need a varied diet. In order for a rabbit to be healthy and strong, it must consume a variety of feeds. Juicy food enriches the body with vitamins, microelements and water.

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Are apples good for rabbits, and how much? Yes, rabbits can eat apples and good for them as well. They will be happy to crush them on both cheeks. Apples can be given whole or in slices. Small rabbits can be grated or cut into small cubes.

Do rabbits like apples?

Domestic rodents love the cake that remains after squeezing the juice. It is easier to eat than whole fruits. Rabbits eat apples with great pleasure but apples should not become a staple for the whole day. Be sure to supplement the diet with feed or hay.

How much apple can rabbits eat?

Rabbits eat apples with great pleasure, however, they cannot control the amount they eat. No matter how much you give them such a treat, they will gnaw all day. The rate of apples for rabbits per day has its limitations. After all, if you give more than it should be, the animal is waiting for indigestion (diarrhea).

Benefits of apples for rabbits

Apples can and should be given to rabbits, because they are a storehouse of vitamins. The diet of animals should be varied and complete, the only way to achieve rapid growth and healthy offspring.


  • Clean plaque from teeth
  • Strengthen the enamel
  • Prevent various diseases
  • Strengthen immunity

Can rabbits eat apple skin?

No need to give the animals rotten fruits. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. If, nevertheless, you decide to feed individuals with store-bought fruits, it is recommended to peel.

Even if you are confident in the quality of the product, still remember the norm. Sometimes digestive problems are fatal, especially in babies.
It is important to know the answer to this question so as not to lead to disorders of the digestive tract in a rabbit.