How To Treat Common Eye Injuries In Dogs?

How to treat common eye injuries in dogs

Dogs are very active pets that live both in apartments and on a country plot. Some walk on a leash, some don’t. It happens that they run away, for various reasons, for example, they are afraid of New Year’s fireworks on the street. Without an owner in a strange place, dogs can be in danger for a variety of reasons.

In this guide, we’ll learn about reasons of eye injuries and how to treat common eye injuries in dogs.

Reasons of happening eye injuries in dogs

Eye injuries can happen for a variety of reasons. Often, dogs get injured when they meet a car, when they fall down stairs, and even from their hands.

It is also not uncommon in veterinary practice to find eye injuries in dogs against the background of bites by other dogs in the head and eye sockets or injury to the eyes of dogs by cats, which can cause serious injuries with sharp claws.

It is also not uncommon for cases of cruel treatment of animals to people – for example, gunshot wounds to the eyes. Foreign bodies can also get into the eyes of dogs when playing with sticks, for example.

Types of common eye injuries in dogs

  • Mechanical injury
    Orbital injuries
    Blunt eye injuries
    Eyelid and conjunctiva injuries
  • Corneal injury
    Burns of the organ of vision
    Chemical and thermal burns
    Radiation burns
  • Other types of injuries.
    Bullet shot

Treatment of dog eye injuries

If you think your dog has an eye injury, see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

You should never attempt to treat your dog’s eyes at home unless your veterinarian instructs you to do so.

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As a first aid for eye injuries, it may be necessary to rinse the eye or apply a cold compress. Do this only if your veterinarian has advised you to do so!

Since the damaged eye is most likely to cause pain to the dog, you need to be very careful when doing something in the eye area. It’s better if someone from home helps you. Use sterile saline solution to flush the eye. Do not use contact lens solution or any medical/veterinary drug.

Go to a place where you have good access to the dog. If the dog is not large, it will be better to place it on the table. Wrap the towel around the dog. One person should hold the dog with one arm around the body and the other around the head.

Be careful not to put pressure on the neck area. Hold the dog’s eye open with one hand while directing a jet of water into the injured eye with the other hand. Use a small towel to wipe up the saline solution leaking from the dog’s eye.

Take your dog to a veterinary ophthalmologist. The doctor will begin by asking about the circumstances of the injury and looking for possible causes. Then he will examine the injured eye and assess the health of the animal.