Is My Cat Bored! How To Overcome a Feline’s Boredom?

Is My Cat Bored

How will you identify “is my cat bored!! Your pet has become nervous, excitable. Increased vocalization appears – roughly speaking, he howls without a break. Sometimes there is a tendency to aggression – the cat is able to bite for no reason, no reason. Well, we don’t need to describe once again scratched wallpaper or torn curtains. Well. What to do, how to help?

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What to do – nobody canceled trips to work. Mom and dad are busy all day, the children are at school, as well as in circles and sections. There are no grandparents. The picture is quite typical, right?

And your fluffy pet is left to himself. Some of them endure forced loneliness more or less well, someone begins to actively protest – to buzz. Boredom, according to experts, is the primary source of many behavioral problems in pets!

How can we overcome a feline’s boredom?

Here, we will discuss how to somehow correct the behavioral problems in your pet.

Clicker Training

First, the so-called clicker learning works well. We emphasize that the method is quite suitable for cats.

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Predator Habitat

Secondly, try to organize leisure for your cat! It makes sense to look after the “cat town” with turrets, stairs and holiday houses. You can provide the cat with access to the windowsill – tailed ones love to survey the surroundings. Clear out a shelf and (or) equip it: by nature, cats are predators, they like to watch what is happening, hiding somewhere high.


Go to the pet store, look for new toys. You should be interested in those that contain a treat. You need to tinker, sweat to get to the delicious food! Feel free to ask the seller for advice – you will definitely be offered a suitable option.

Take your feline outside with you

Thirdly, in some situations you can take your cat with you! It should not be assumed that all purrs are desperate homebodies. On the contrary, after a short training, cats get used to, for example, traveling in a car. On short business trips, you can take your furry pet, why not?
A leash or harness will also help. Walking a cat is a great way to broaden its horizons.

Use enticing scents

Fourth, use enticing scents or soothing sprays. The question of their effectiveness, however, remains open. Some work, some don’t. But the fact that the cat feels absolutely comfortable surrounded by familiar and attractive smells is undeniable. Surround your pet with them!

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Provide others pet company

Other pets are also recommended. Usually my colleagues recommend thinking about acquiring a “company” – another cat. The two are more fun!

Bottom Line

Of course, as experts point out, the best solution would be to teach the cat to go outside. At least in the yard! But not everyone has this opportunity.
For example, residents of city skyscrapers are completely deprived of it. But try a compromise solution – convert it into a “cat’s corner”, for example, a balcony or a loggia.

We will be grateful for your personal experience. Have you ever had to deal with boredom? What have you tried? What successes have been achieved? Write to us!