What Can Cats Eat? Is Human Food Safe For Cats?

What Can Cats Eat

Many people often ask me what can cats eat? and in this blog, I’m going to explain and share my experiences with you. The phrase “cats eat everything” is repeated often among cat owners, correct? We all think that what is good for humans also applies to our pets, and not the other way around. There are foods that our feline friend should never eat and there are also foods that he can eat without risk to his health.

What human food can cats eat?

As you well know, cats are carnivorous by nature, unlike dogs. And, therefore, our feline friends need meat and all its nutrients to survive and maintain a healthy life. But they can also eat many foods of plant origin and cereals of various kinds.

So the big question that many cat owners ask themselves is what human food can cats eat. Some of the foods that your cat can eat and are slightly beneficial are eggs, bananas, yogurt, cooked chicken, and bread.

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What can cats not eat?

The worst thing you can do is feed your cat a toxin-filled diet, even if he happily downs everything you give him. So what can cats not eat?

Dogs are notoriously poisoned by chocolate, yet there are very few toxic foods for cats. It isn’t just nuts that are dangerous for cats; there are also a number of fruits that your purring friend should be kept away from.

Some of the foods that your cat should not eat because they are highly harmful are:

·         Chocolate and coffee

·         Onion and Garlic

·         Citrus and Avocado

·         Sugar and Spices

·         Moldy foods

·         Raw meat and raw fish

In addition, you should pay special attention to the ripest pieces of fruit or vegetables and also to stems, leaves, and especially the seeds of some fruits.

What vegetables can cats eat?

There are some vegetables that we should avoid in our cat’s diet. Among them are onion, garlic, potato, and tomato; but what vegetables can cats eat? As we have mentioned, there are fruits and vegetables that cat owners should avoid; however, there are some vegetables that can be consumed by cats and provide important benefits.

Although with this we cannot say that cats can eat 100% vegetarian diets. And it is that cats, as they are obligate carnivores, require specific nutrients that are found more abundantly in animal tissues and not in vegetarian diets. Once this point is known, let’s see what vegetables are good for cats.

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Some vegetables, including carrots, Swiss chard, zucchini, and beets, are cat-friendly. However, they do not usually like green very much.

Pumpkin, sweet potato, and potato are also very healthy for cats. Thanks to their high fiber content they facilitate digestion.

What can cats eat? Fresh Carrots?  The carrot besides being tasty is rich in vitamin A, very beneficial for the eyes. Peas are always a good idea! As a complement to meat, for example, they are ideal for their high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A.

What plants can cats eat?

Here’s a brief response to the curiosity what plants can cats eat? Some plants can provide a lot of fiber, which will be ideal for regulating the digestive system and improving the functioning of the intestines. And they help reduce the presence of cholesterol.

Feline nutrition professionals always recommend a complete specialty store-bought food, mixing solids with wets in their daily diet and alternating flavors for the king of the house to enjoy eating.

However, we must be very careful if we have plants at home since there are several that are toxic to cats. Among them are the poinsettia, the oleander, and the lily of the valley.

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Bottom Line

What can cats eat from human foods? Human food poisoning in cats is rare; many are not as interested in our food! “Cats are much more selective animals when it comes to eating, and it is more difficult for them to become intoxicated.

If your cat likes to browse in the grocery bag or there are children in the house who might sneakily give their friend a treat, the risk of your cat eating something shouldn’t increase. And remember to save your leftovers: the less furry temptation, the better.