Why Do Cats Bite?

Why Do Cats Bite

Has it ever happened that you were sitting next to your cat, petting her, and suddenly she bit you? She may have given warning signs before biting that you didn’t understand. There are several reasons why do cats bite, here are some of them by pets guide lines.

  • Pain
  • Fear, stress
  • Playing
  • Protection of personal space
  • Manifestations of love

What should you do if your cat bites you?

Do not ignore bites – treat wounds immediately to prevent infection. Sometimes a cat may not bite, but cling to with two front paws. Trimming your nails will protect you from serious scratches.

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Do cats bite to show affection?

Biting a cat, receiving affection, may also be due to character traits. Imagine that you, with your misplaced concern, woke up their highness, well, or tore them away from a pleasant activity – eating, playing, and meditating. Do you know this feature of your cat? Just keep that in mind when you feel like petting her, and that’s it.

Should I let my cat love bite me?

When you are in the middle of a play session and your cat bites you, stop playing. Ignore her for a few minutes, but don’t reprimand her. This will clearly show that biting is not good and the game time is over. If she starts biting, to try to resume play, say sternly “don’t bite” and continue to ignore her.

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When she is calmer, resume your play session. If she bites again, stop playing and ignore her again for a few minutes. After a while, the cat will understand that if she bites, the game will end.

How do you scold a cat for biting?

Sometimes a cat bites even when it is not touched. There are many dangerous bacteria on the teeth and claws. Cat bites, scratches do not heal well, often become inflamed. An aggressive animal in the house can greatly frighten a child.

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To avoid unpleasant problems, from the first days of the appearance of a purring pet in the house, you need to educate him and know when and why the cat bites.

Often owners use their hands or fingers to play with the cat. If this becomes a habit, she equates them with toys and will play and bite them accordingly.
Instead of using your hands, redirect the cat to interactive toys so that he learns what is suitable for this. It is recommended to use sticks and not toys of any type that can be held in the hand. Toys will help to wean the cat from biting the owner.

Bottom Line

A cat is the embodiment of comfort, a soft purring ball of tenderness, always ready to turn its neck, ears for stroking, curl up on a person’s lap. But having taken a kitten into the house, the owners often cannot understand: why does the cat bite? While he is small, bites and scratches do not cause much pain, but teeth and claws grow quickly, and an attempt to play with Murka can result in serious injuries.